2019-04-29 - Toyota ProAce Platform Modular Flatbed

Toyota ProAce Platform Modular Flatbed

Toyota AG, the importer which is representing the Toyota brand on the market of Switzerland and Lichtenstein has launched for sale in 2019 a Dune-Technology Modular Flatbed system for Toyota ProAce Platform.

On the request of Toyota AG the Dune-Technology Modular Flatbed project has been developed with the assumption that the final assembly takes place in Switzerland on the premises of Emil Frey AG, Nutzfahrzeug- und Fahrzeugbaucenter.

The following illustrations show the first Toyota ProAce Platforms with Dune-Technology Modular Flatbed, which were assembled at Emil Frey AG.

If you are interested, please contact the nearest Toyota showroom in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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